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Ashuwandabufandataquitalafondadelarequandalaquishamonishatishabufandraquandrea is a character in Keisha's Valley who causes the argument with Deltrese and Keisha Fabo.


  • From what we can tell from the start of episode one, she is the gossip-loving type, and clearly and INFJ due to her high NI (her dominant function). She most likely is unemployed and living in comfort from an inheritance of sorts, or possible child support, to keep her luxurious lifestyle. This is all speculation, though highly plausible as she has the time to gossip and is dressed rather elegantly.



As we can see from the photo[1], she is wearing a pink dress with two striped straps that contour the neck, white sunglasses, a brown belt with a steel buckle, two wristbands, and pink-heeled shoes.


All that we can see of her is that she has a pale-pink lipstick on.


Her hair is done with a bob cut, her fringe sweeping to the right. It's an orange-pink colour and has a trail of lime-green along the ends of her hair. There's the occasional streak of dull yellow hidden in her hair.


She has a tattoo on her left bicep that is unrecognisable, but possibly bearing simple randomized spiral spikes similar to those seen in a tattoo shop. [2]


Not much has been mentioned about her other than that she's the gossiping type. Ashawanabufontonquibalafondelarequandalaquishabanishatishabufontrellaniquandrea was at home one day and bore witness to Deltrese having intercourse with Darrell. She decided to inform Keisha Fabo of what she had witnessed and then Keisha brought this up with Deltrese, consequentially Breadquanda.